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Trade-in is a variant of purchasing a NEW polygraph manufactured by Lafayette Instrument Company during which the buyer surrenders his/her used polygraph, manufactured by any other company in the world, and uses the proceeds (a $1500 discount off the list price of a new polygraph) as partial payment on a new purchase. Among advantages of the trade-in are: convenience, an opportunity to purchase the best polygraph in the world at an affordable price, absence of expenses for the sale of a used and obsolete polygraph, economy of time, and safety.

Educational Discount
Chicago Polygraph Institute (CPI) offers its students the best polygraphs in the world manufactured by Lafayette Instrument Company, and approved by the International League of Polygraph Examiners and the American Polygraph Association. Chicago Polygraph Institute students in Europe (Kiev, Ukraine), purchasing Lafayette Instrument Company polygraphs through CPI are entitled to the $500 special educational discount. This discount applies to the LX4000-SW Computerized Polygraph and the LX5000-SW Computerized Polygraph (Lie Detector).