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Payment Terms:
Product delivery, polygraph examinations, and polygraph examiner training are carried out on conditions of advance payment.
3G Maksymovycha Street
Office 471
Kyiv 03022

Cel.: +380 (067) 719 20 88
Tel.: +380 (044) 227 49 67
Fax: +380 (044) 583 07 79

  • For pricing information on polygraphs (lie detectors) and polygraph accessories please feel welcome to request a price quote via electronic mail or telephone. Please note that as the exclusive representative of Lafayette Instrument Company, ARGO-A's prices are identical to the prices of Lafayette Instrument Company. We offer substantial discounts to government and law enforcement agencies of Ukraine on polygraphs and polygraph accessories manufactured by Lafayette Instrument Company.
  • Trade-in is a variant of purchasing a NEW polygraph manufactured by Lafayette Instrument Company during which the buyer surrenders his/her used polygraph, manufactured by any other company in the world, and uses the proceeds (a $1,500 discount off the list price of a new polygraph) as partial payment on a new purchase. Among advantages of the trade-in are: convenience, an opportunity to purchase the best polygraph in the world at an affordable price, absence of expenses for the sale of a used and obsolete polygraph, economy of time, and safety.
  • Polygraph examination prices are negotiated case by case, and depend upon the depth and complexity of each polygraph test. Prices indicated below are for testing one subject at a time.

    from 1600 UAH
    from 1600 UAH
    from 1600 UAH
    from 1600 UAH
    Pre-employment screening:
    Periodic and random employee testing:
    Polygraph testing of private citizens:
    Employee testing during investigations:

    Polygraph examinations are conducted in our Kiev offices as well as in every region of Ukraine, and outside of the country. For those tests not conducted in our Kiev offices, the client will be expected to pay for all travel expenses incurred by the ARGO-A polygraph examiner.

    We receive all clients, business partners, and media by appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled by telephone or email. We will provide you with an address for our scheduled meeting, where you are required to arrive at the appointed time.
  • The total tuition fee for the Chicago Polygraph Institute polygraph examiner training course is $2,000 for students from former USSR countries (hereinafter “USSR”), and $5,000 for students worldwide (hereinafter “World”). The tuition fee includes: instruction, the use of polygraph equipment, library facilities, handout materials, and textbooks. The above fees do not include: travel, accommodation, meals, insurance or any other expenses that may be incurred by CPI students.

    Continuing Education Polygraph Examiner Course (USSR), 1-3 days:
    Continuing Education Polygraph Examiner Course (USSR), 7-10 days:
    Polygraph Examiner Retraining Course (USSR):
    Continuing Education Polygraph Examiner Course (World), 1-3 days:
    Continuing Education Polygraph Examiner Course (World), 7-10 days:
    Polygraph Examiner Retraining Course (World):
  • Chicago Polygraph Institute offers its students the best polygraphs in the world manufactured by Lafayette Instrument Company (LIC), and approved by the International League of Polygraph Examiners and the American Polygraph Association. Chicago Polygraph Institute (CPI) students in Europe (Kiev, Ukraine), purchasing Lafayette Instrument Company polygraph equipment through CPI are entitled to a special educational discount.