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Polygraph Examinations

ARGO-A is a privately owned company specializing in the psychophysiological evaluation of individuals utilizing the polygraph, also known as the lie detector.

ARGO-A provides a full range of services offered by our professional polygraph examiners, educated and accredited in the United States of America. We utilize the world's most advanced computerized polygraphs manufactured by Lafayette Instrument Company, Lafayette, Indiana, USA. ARGO-A offers professional polygraph services to the following clients:

Services for private businesses

The selection of reliable, loyal and competent employees is a challenging task faced by every business. Poor selection of personnel usually results in significant moral and financial damage to the company. Modern leaders of Ukrainian businesses have begun to realize the integral role of personnel in the success of their organizations, and resort to new and effective methods of employee selection and periodic testing of existing employees using the polygraph.

Working in conjunction with your human resources department and/or security department, an ARGO-A polygraph examiner can conduct the following polygraph examinations:

  • Pre-employment screening
  • Periodic employee testing
  • Selective/random employee testing
  • Employee testing during business investigations

By means of polygraph testing our polygraph examiners can determine or detect:

  • → Distortion of biographical facts
  • → True motives in seeking the job
  • → Affiliation with criminal elements
  • → Concealed work-related misdemeanors
  • → Drug and alcohol addiction
  • → Gambling addiction
  • → Illegal weapons possession
  • → Committed crimes and misdemeanors
  • → Commercial espionage
  • → Utilization of bugging devices
  • → Subject's self evaluation
  • → Other concealed information

In addition to identifying the guilty, polygraph tests can clear the wrongfully accused person, resolve conflicts between business partners and restore mutual trust.

History of polygraph utilization in the human resources activity of businesses has shown that our lie detection methods allow companies to increase profitability by means of eliminating many sources of expense, particularly:

  • → Employee inefficiency
  • → High personnel turnover
  • → Theft of materials and products
  • → Property theft
  • → Money theft
  • → Leakage of confidential information
  • → Technology theft
  • → Disclosure of commercial secrets
  • → Arson, vandalism, murder, and rape
  • → Misuse of resources

Polygraph services provided by ARGO-A could significantly improve the security, reputation, and profitability of your business. Our polygraph services are in high demand by the following private businesses:

  • → Banks and insurance companies
  • → Oil/natural gas companies
  • → Construction companies
  • → Media
  • → Jewel and diamond manufacturers
  • → Casinos and night clubs
  • → Meat processing plants and confectionaries
  • → Retailers: supermarkets, shops, stores
  • → Restaurants and cafes
  • → Service industry companies
  • → Car dealerships and auto repair shops
  • → Security service providers
  • → Recruiters
  • → Dating and matchmaking agencies
  • → Real estate agencies
  • → Hotels and motels
  • → Software developing companies
  • → Private schools
  • → Law firms
  • → Transportation companies
  • → Courier service companies
  • → Cellular service providers

Actual case (described in the magazine "Business and Security" № 2006/5). In 2006 one of Kyiv's companies invited ARGO-A polygraph examiner, Dr. Andrii M. Volyk, to perform polygraph exams on a group consisting of 97 individuals. This company had been losing hundreds of thousands of dollars annually due to product theft. Polygraph examination results indicated that, of 97 tested individuals, 29 (30%) stole regularly a significant quantity of products. Nine (9) of them acted in an organized group and generated losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Four (4) individuals turned out to be informants; three (3) of them were involved in theft. Furthermore, Dr. Volyk identified seven (7) highly drug dependant employees. That is, of 97 employees tested on the lie detector, 37 individuals (38%) presented a threat to this particular company.

Services for private citizens

Recently Ukrainian citizens have demonstrated a growing interest in polygraph examinations for resolving personal issues. Jealousy is the primary reason private citizens turn to us for lie detection services. People come to us, for instance, in order to prove to their spouses that they are faithful to each other, and/or to determine instances of unfaithfulness.

Jealousy can result in a divorce, which is emotionally and physically devastating for spouses, their children, relatives, and friends. Contact us and we will assist you through your difficult times; do not let unsubstantiated jealousy destroy your family. ARGO-A can help you to resolve your conflicts, restore trust, and possibly preserve your family.

Our polygraph test can answer some of your very important questions, such as:

  • → Is my wife cheating?
  • → Is my boyfriend cheating?
  • → Did she steal my money?
  • → Did he set the fire?
  • → Has my bodyguard betrayed me?
  • → Is my daughter a drug addict?
  • → Does my son sell drugs?
  • → Does she love me or my money?
  • → Does my son illegally possess a gun?
  • → Does he drive while intoxicated?
  • → Is my son physically abused at school by pupils?
  • → Is my daughter sexually abused by teachers?

Below are some additional cases in which private citizens resort to polygraph tests provided by ARGO-A in order to identify the deceptive subject and clear the wrongfully accused person:

  • → Your son is accused of vandalizing school property
  • → Homeowner tests three house guests for involvement in theft of $5,000
  • → Grandmother tests teenagers in her house on theft of property
  • → Homeowners test housekeepers on missing antique watch
  • → Parents suspect their son of stealing from home
  • → Parents test their babysitter on theft of jewelry
  • → Family reunion ends with $3,000 cash/jewelry taken from grandparents' room
  • → Father accused of fondling 12 year old girl next door
  • → Your daughter alleges uncle exposed himself
  • → Babysitter accused of inappropriate horseplay
  • → Your daughter is accused of stealing jewelry from elderly neighbor
  • → You suspect your teenage son in stealing a car from your garage
  • → Your daughter says that her stepfather sexually abuses her in your absence
  • → $30,000 in cash was stolen from a secret location within your apartment
  • → Your son is accused of damaging neighbor's car

Currently, many successful Ukrainian citizens hire permanent staff for their homes consisting of babysitters and private teachers for their children, caretakers for their elderly parents, private drivers, bodyguards, cooks, housekeepers, gardeners, janitors, and other personnel. Prior to obtaining jobs, ARGO-A conducts pre-employment screening of the candidates to determine:

  • → Distortion of biographical facts
  • → True motives in seeking the job
  • → Affiliation with criminal elements
  • → Concealed work-related misdemeanors
  • → Drug and alcohol addiction
  • → Illegal weapons possession
  • → Committed crimes and misdemeanors
  • → History of sexual abuse of children
  • → Utilization of bugging devices
  • → Other concealed information

An ARGO-A polygraph examiner periodically tests the hired employees of successful citizens to determine their loyalty, and other variables requested by employers.

Actual case. While the director of a big Ukrainian firm was traveling abroad on a family vacation, his house was robbed. It was completely emptied and a big safe, containing tens of thousands of dollars, his wife's expensive jewelry, and other valuable possessions was taken. The director and his family did not share their plans of being out of the country with anyone but the management of the firm. The director knew that one of the managers was involved in the robbery, but it was difficult to determine who. Upon the recommendation of his friend, the director requested that ARGO-A conduct polygraph testing on all managers. ARGO-A tested the managers and identified the one who staged the robbery. After the test was concluded, the guilty manager admitted his involvement in the crime, revealed the names of his accomplices and the location of the stolen property.

Services for government businesses and organizations

Among clients of ARGO-A there are many government agencies, businesses, and organizations using a full range of our lie detection services. Due to our compliance with all conditions of confidentiality we do not reveal or disseminate information pertaining to our government clients.

Below is a list of some ministries and organizations that might require services of ARGO-A:

  • → Public schools
  • → Public kindergartens
  • → Ministry of Energy
  • → Ministry of Defense
  • → Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • → Legal community
  • → Investigation agencies
  • → Intelligence agencies
  • → Tax police
  • → Nursing homes
  • → Orphanages
  • → Hospitals